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The Big Balloon Of Secrets ; Memorables Quotations

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Publié le 21-04-2016
Type de reliure : Livre
pages 324
Publié par Edilivre-aparis
N° EAN : 9782334126144

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Notice de l'éditeur

« These famous reciting quotations from different famous personalities have delighted generations of adults as well as children and provide not only entertainment but also wisdom. The uniqueness of quotations resides on giving so much wisdom in so few words. The right words at the right moment in the right place, all this work as a process to give something unique in itself and worth to read.Presented with charm and clarity, these quotations can be enjoyed as a helpful tool to situate oneself and to know more about daily life circumstances and how we can deal with them or simply we can consider them as enriching and unforgettable quotes in themselves.The title, the big balloon of secrets, makes reference to the Earth, which looks like an aerostatics balloon floating in the air, in which an indefinite number of secrets reside. Through this book, the authors of these quotes revealed hundreds of these secrets in a simple and beautiful language. »

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